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Logo_ARCOM2Dit jaar heeft Marina Bos-de Vos een paper ingediend voor de construction management conferentie Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM) 2016, met als titel: Real estate development by architectural firms: is the business model future-proof? Marina heeft de paper in samenwerking met Leentje Volker en Hans Wamelink geschreven.

Het volledige document is hier te downloaden. Zie hieronder voor de abstract.



Architectural firms need business models that are able to deal with the diversity and uncertainty of their work to run a successful business over time. Little is known about the business models that are used in architectural service delivery and how they enable or constrain firms to create and capture value in their projects. In this research, a theoretical framework is used to systematically analyse the business models for the delivery of real estate development services by architectural firms. The findings are based on interview data collected at 22 Dutch architectural firms and show that the resources which are necessary for value creation may either enhance or constrain the firm’s value capture. This research contributes to construction management literature by providing a profound insight into the pitfalls and opportunities of real estate development by architectural firms. It helps architects to improve their business models in order to enable organizational sustainability.